John Small

John Smallon Beekeeping

John started keeping bees while in Primary school using old beekeeping equipment belonging to his grandfather and great grandfather that he found in the sheds on the family farm at Orangeville near Camden. From that start his fascination with the honey bee developed initially into a lifelong hobby and he always maintained at least a few hives. In 2005 his family moved to Condobolin and in partnership with wife Bervely, a part time beekeeping enterprise was established. Whilst still only a part time enterprise, John and Beverly along with their son and daughter in law, Allan and Lisa now maintain about 400 honey producing  hives generally within about 150 kms of Condobolin. John believes the major issues for both the commercial and hobby beekeeper in the future are the decline in the range of floral resources in our landscape and the impact of recent and future exotic honey bee pest and diseases reaching Australia. Understand how to manage these challenges and beekeeping can be still fascinating and rewarding in the garden.