Donna & Gary Nagle

48 McGregor Street

Moving back to Condobolin and building a new house in 2012 has provided us with a blank canvas and enabled me to take my love of decorating outdoors.

I spend countless hours looking at images online and garden magazines.  I see something that appeals to me and then work out how to put my own touch to it.

 The front yard was done first.  We approached a local landscape designer, Cary L’Estrange, to assist us in the planning stage of the garden.  We visited a few gardens and worked out what we did and did not like. Cary then designed the layout.  The gardens, watering system, plants and turf all came together in July 2012.

We waited a while before beginning the back yard, so we could get a feel for it and work out how we could utilize the various spaces.  This was not easy as the more we grow as people, the more the garden and yard evolve.

Just recently we built a cat run for two reasons – to keep the cats safe whilst outdoors and to prevent them from digging up the plants.  This means I am now able to plant bulbs, which in turn means the garden continues to develop.

I have always heard about garden rooms and I have tried to follow this by keeping the dog/work yard separate, having an entertainment area and a smaller intimate area on the deck.

I have a number of small areas around the house and yard to accommodate the ever changing weather.  A nice sunny spot for a winter’s morning and a cool corner to escape the summer heat.

Trees were planted along the back fence to provide the autumn colour I love so much and the bulbs that will flower next spring.

Our garden is more about working for and with our lifestyle than just being pretty.