Kaye & Paddy McCumstie

71 Officers Parade

We moved to this house 35 years ago, after a lifetime living on a property, battling extended droughts. When we brought this home we had no immediate neighbours and part of the appeal was that we could run the horses at the back of the block. After a short time of living here we realised just how much water was being wasted trying to keep the lawn green. The thought of constantly pouring on such a precious resource, purely for aesthetic purposes, went against every fibre of our beings. Basically we live on a sand hill, so the volume of water needed to maintain some semblance of a lawn went against very thing we had been battling in the recent past.

The garden at the time was just a very simple, if not bland garden. Some young trees and a few oyster plants on the corners of the house, and way too much lawn. So we slowly began reducing the lawn area.

 Twenty years ago we dug the remaining lawn out and paved the backyard to within an inch of its life. We worked on small areas of garden to soften the effect of the pavers, we also knew that this is where we would spend our retirement and wanted to reduce any trip hazards or not have too big a garden to maintain.

Then the front garden was completed. Keeping in mind that ours is a simple house to look at from the road. The flame tree is the focal point, front and centre of the house, so we used that as a feature to work from when developing the landscape for the front yard.  

Ours is not large or grand garden by any stretch, but it is a great example of minimising water use. And in an area such as ours we feel it vital that we keep the use of precious resources to an absolute minimum.