Simon Carey & Eryn Mullins

Drovers Rest

"It's all about the view"

A Dry Land Garden.

We started this garden 10 years ago. It is on almost 5 acres of rock on the side of Ressie hill. Nothing grew here but iron bark and black wattle, the ground had been pushed up and used for oat hulls and machinery. We saw none of that though, only the massive 360 view of gorgeous country side. Our river block wish list didn't have a chance against this view.

We went into a massive battle with the rock, droughts, sever water restrictions and a scarred landscape armed only with ignorance and rookie enthusiasm to create a landscape that would do justice to the view. Years of trying to recreate the lovely river block garden of our dreams ended in disaster. The block not so gently reminded us it started out with iron banks and black wattle for a very good reason. It is DRY LAND....Crushed granite now replaces the struggling turf lawns, sculptural agraves and cactus replaced verdant bushed and pots contain citrus and cottage plants and the orchard now has olive trees. Gabion walls replace timber fence (white ants). It is a work in progress and will always be as everything changes, the climate, our ideas and needs.

Come and see what we've accomplished so far and take inspiration from a dry land garden we've created to complement the view.